Monday, 18 May 2015

Grasmere Parish Boundary – 16 May

The second in an occasional series of Parish Boundary walk – the first was about 7 years ago we won’t be waiting another 7 before the next one. Amongst the books A Wainwright published is a large coffee table one entitled “Westmorland Heritage” in which he describes his beloved county as it was in March 1974. He describes it parish by parish and in doing so identifies the boundaries and produces another list. The Grasmere parish boundary crosses the A591 near White Moss car park and then takes a more or less direct line to High Nab which is for all intents and purposes impossible to follow. The north west corner is close to Sergeant Man and it would seem a pity not to visit both Sergeant Man and High Raise, so we did. The “we” this time is a party of 6 plus Dylan from The Rucksack Club.

Starting at Dunmail Raise and over Steel Fell to High Raise and then Sergeant Man to reach the rarely visited ridge running to Silver How.


20150516_001_GPB-117Looking back across Dunmail Raise

20150516_002_GPB-126Towards Blea Rigg and Silver How with Windermere in the distance

20150516_003_GPB-127Towards the Coniston Fells with a glimpse of Stickle Tarn

Beyond Silver How, in contrast with the rest of the ridge Loughrigg Terrace is very busy but it gets us to the A591 crossing. Thereafter we use Dunney Beck to provide a way of gaining the ridge on the west side of the Fairfield Horseshoe just below Heron Pike.

20150516_005_GPB-149Helm Crag with Easdale Tarn and much more beyond

Now the route is straightforward – Heron Pike and Great Rigg to Fairfield then back to Dunmail Raise over Seat Sandal.

20150516_006_GPB-157Dylan watching Andy descend to Grisedale Tarn

20150516_007_GPB-159Coming off Seat Sandal looking north to Skiddaw

A grand day out. Not, perhaps, on the scale of the Old County Tops whose front runners we saw from High Raise as they approached Greenup Edge but 17 miles with 6000 feet of climbing in an unusual circuit around Grasmere.

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  1. I always enjoy reading your posts and looking at the photo's. The scenery is always stunning. I particularly like the one of 'looking north to Skiddaw'

    Thank you once again for an enjoyable read.

    Hope you are having a pleasant Bank Holiday

    All the best Jan