Monday, 27 April 2015

Winter Hill – 26 April

A rare Sunday on Winter Hill but with a heap of chores to get get done in between weekends away I preferred a shorter run on Saturday morning, about an hour (during the only rain of the day). For old times’ sake I had a trundle over part of the old race route and failed to find the trod off Counting Hill, much to my disappointment. I’ll have to make another attempt soon before the Spring growth begins. The warm sunshine was very welcome and the ground is still very dry – a delight to run on.


20150426_002_WinterHill-21-EditDriving Horses



20150426_003_WinterHill-27-EditWelcome to the West Pennine Moors

20150426_001_WinterHill-16-EditSteps at Waters Meet


  1. I enjoy popping over to your blog, reading your posts and looking at your great photo's.

    I particularly like the Steps at Waters Meet on this post, the way the shadow falls ...

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan, I am really pleased you drop by and take the time to comment.