Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Eskdale – 05 April

Eskdale for a round of Birketts – Hard Knott and Yew Bank before crossing Lingcove Beck for Throstlehow Crag and Scar Lathing. Finally across the Esk to reach High Scarth, Silverybield Crag and the descent to Brotherkeld.

Setting off in mist, it was hard to be optimistic about seeing anything – indeed it was hard to be optimistic about finding everything but as we gained the ridge near Hard Knott we found ourselves above the inversion and on Yew Bank we lingered long in order to enjoy the sunshine and the clouds drifting around the high fells.

Eventually we had to head down into Upper Eskdale and as we did the clouds cleared out and we enjoyed sunshine for the rest of the day. Just perfect.


20150405-1-brackenenclose-572Harter Fell

20150405-2-brackenenclose-576Towards Bowfell

20150405-3-brackenenclose-583The Scafells

20150405-4-brackenenclose-585The Scafells again

20150405-5-brackenenclose-595Cam Spout Crag and Throstlehow Crag

20150405-6-brackenenclose-605Great Moss

20150405-7-brackenenclose-613Harter Fell

20150405-8-brackenenclose-618Towards Yew Bank

20150405-9-brackenenclose-627Towards Hard Knott

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