Monday, 27 April 2015

Winter Hill – 26 April

A rare Sunday on Winter Hill but with a heap of chores to get get done in between weekends away I preferred a shorter run on Saturday morning, about an hour (during the only rain of the day). For old times’ sake I had a trundle over part of the old race route and failed to find the trod off Counting Hill, much to my disappointment. I’ll have to make another attempt soon before the Spring growth begins. The warm sunshine was very welcome and the ground is still very dry – a delight to run on.


20150426_002_WinterHill-21-EditDriving Horses



20150426_003_WinterHill-27-EditWelcome to the West Pennine Moors

20150426_001_WinterHill-16-EditSteps at Waters Meet

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

High Raise – 19 April

Up out of Borrowdale by Greenup Gill to Lining Crag, Low White Stones and High Raise. In complete contrast to yesterday, glimpses of the sun were fleeting and the sky was leaden. Every now and again we come across memorials to those who were quite as fortunate and didn’t make back down the hill and here we found a small plaque to the memory of Gordon Hallworth, a Manchester University Climbing Club member.






20150419-3-Borrowdale-18-EditPauline climbing to Low White Stones with Ullscarf beyond and the Northern Fells in the far distance

20150419-4-Borrowdale-20-EditNorth West from Low White Stones

20150419-5-Borrowdale-25-Edit-2From High Raise with a patch of sunlight on Glaramara

20150419-6-Borrowdale-38This could be the last time we see one of these yellow rescue helicopters flying

Anniversary Waltz & Teenager With Altitude – 18 April

All taken from Catbells where we were marshalling


Monday, 20 April 2015

Catbells – 18 April

Marshalling on the Anniversary Waltz & Teenager With Altitude but with time to watch and wonder at the hordes on a sunny day. Some had maps and didn’t know how to use them, others seemed to know that they were no use if you couldn’t use them so didn’t bother and the odd one or two knew where they were and were they were going but it was all great fun. Race photos will follow.




















Saturday, 11 April 2015

Winter Hill – 11 April

Back again after Thursday night to get some more climbing – runnable climbs are much more difficult than steeper ones where walking is more or less acceptable. There needs to be much more of this and, hopefully, there will be.

20150411-3-winterhill-12-EditMasts near the summit

20150411-1-winterhill-8-EditFrom The Pike

20150411-2-winterhill-10-EditEnjoying Lancashire from The Pike

Ulpha Fells – 07 April

Heading home on Tuesday morning we drove above the inversion on the road through the Ulpha Fells. As on previous days it moved inland and up the valleys as the day went on. The mist is drifting but drifting in and getting thicker.


20150407-1-brackenenclose-248-EditNorth towards Harter Fell (visible in the distance)

20150407-2-brackenenclose-249-EditGreen Crag

20150407-3-brackenenclose-255-EditMist creeping towards Green Crag

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Harter Fell – 06 April

Over the Jubilee Bridge by Brotherkeld for a meandering ascent of Harter Fell which took us above the inversion again. Down over Demming Crag and Crowhow End to bag another pair of Birketts before retiring to the Woolsack for a beer in sunshine – luxury.


20150406-1-brackenenclose-631-EditJubilee Bridge


20150406-2-brackenenclose-639South over the Ulpha Fells


20150406-3-brackenenclose-640South from Harter Fell


20150406-4-brackenenclose-646The Scafells and more beyond Upper Eskdale


20150406-5-brackenenclose-647Cockley Beck



20150406-6-brackenenclose-655Looking east from below Demming Crag


20150406-7-brackenenclose-233Great Gable in evening sunshine