Monday, 16 March 2015

Winter Hill – 14 March

A grey morning when I might more usually have been doing the Haworth Hobble I enjoyed a trundle over Winter Hill. I need to spend more time running off road and on the hills but it is a joy to be able to run without any knee pain, even if the running is on flat roads. The final stage of my rehab is this week when I go for gait analysis because one of the physios I saw thinks I may have a collapsed arch on my right foot.


20150314-6-winterhill-2-EditOne of the many draining Winter Hill

20150314-5-winterhill-7-EditAnother view of the same one

20150314-4-winterhill-19-EditThe forecast sunshine didn’t appear

20150314-3-winterhill-22-EditWalker Fold

20150314-1-winterhill-28-EditWalker Fold again

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