Monday, 23 March 2015

The Howgills – 21 March

A bright sunny morning awaited us in Sedbergh, warm in the valley but fresh, very fresh in the breeze on the tops. Out of Sedbergh and up the valley to Cautley Spout, Calders, The Calf, Breaks Head, Fell Head, down into the Lune Valley and back to Sedbergh. A very fine day out on wonderful hills in good company with The Rucksack Club.


20150321-1-howgills-4Jean & Pauline

20150321-2-howgills-14Crook Holme

20150321-3-howgills-20Up by Cautley Spout

20150321-4-howgills-31Cautley Spout

20150321-5-howgills-36South West towards Baugh Fell

20150321-6-howgills-38-EditAndy Goldworthy’s Sheepfold – commissioned to mark the end of Foot & Mouth Disease in 2001 


20150321-7-howgills-57Looking south over the westerly flanks of the Howgills

20150321-8-howgills-64-EditWalking off Fell Head

20150321-9-howgills-67Afternoon sun on the river Lune

20150321-10-howgills-72Afternoon Sun at Hole House farm


  1. I particularly like your picture " Afternoon Sun at Hole House farm"

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan, lucky to be there when the sun was low in the sky.

      Thanks for commenting here and on that magical day in the Langdales