Saturday, 17 January 2015

Winter Hill – 17 January

Snowy morning with a couple of thunder storms bringing more snow and hail – usually the top of a hill is a poor choice during a thunder storm but, as Tom pointed out, there are plenty of taller objects atop Winter Hill.

My knee is improving although my fitness is going the other way! Need to get back to running on hills – it would be good to run on hill and not just down but I have a bit of work to do before that happens. Thoroughly enjoyed this morning (hailstones in the excepted) – thanks Tom.






These trees at the quarries are my favourites and I think they are at the best at this time of year

20150117-5-winterhill-10Looking south east over Blackburn Road

20150117-6-winterhill-15At least we had a choice about being out

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