Sunday, 4 January 2015

Winter Hill – 04 January

A longer but less interesting run on the Leeds – Liverpool canal yesterday was complimented by a shorter but thoroughly enjoyable trundle up Winter Hill. We waited until the mist had more or less cleared from Aspull and driving through Horwich Pauline realised the sun would already have melted all the frost and so suggested stopping where we were – where the sun had just arrived and hadn’t had time to melt the frost.


We found ourselves in a short-lived winter wonderland – hard white frost and bright sunshine. It wouldn’t last very long but it was wonderful to see.


20150104_005_winterhill-1-EditMountain Bikers enjoying the tarmac

20150104_006_winterhill-5-EditMountain Bikers really enjoying the tarmac

20150104_007_winterhill-7-EditThe last of the mist clearing from Belmont with Darwen Moor in the distance

20150104_009_winterhill-24-EditFrozen gate

20150104_008_winterhill-23-EditFrozen Gate with sunburst

20150104_010_winterhill-26-EditThe track down to Horwich

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