Monday, 1 December 2014

Pendle Hill – 30 November

From Clithero for a wander with The Rucksack Club over Pendle Hill, down to Ogden Reservoir and back over Spence Moor. The weather couldn’t have been better and the inversion to the south and west of Pendle Hill was fabulous.


20141130_001_Pendle-5-EditGood to know you can still get Fry’s Milk Chocolate in Clithero

20141130_002_Pendle-7Pendle Hill

20141130_003_Pendle-8Sun strikes the fields

20141130_004_Pendle-13-EditFence just catching the sunlight

20141130_005_Pendle-14The first sign of the inversion as clouds pour over the hill

20141130_006_Pendle-24Final pull up on to the top with the Bowland hills beyond

20141130_007_Pendle-39Above Barley

20141130_008_Pendle-42Walking off the the top of Pendle

20141130_010_Pendle-54Looking south west

20141130_011_Pendle-59One of a number of late afternoon flyers

20141130_012_Pendle-65-EditLate afternoon sun on an outbuilding

20141130_013_Pendle-70-EditEasington Fell

20141130_014_Pendle-80Last look at Pendle Hill

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