Sunday, 14 December 2014

Great Hill – 13 December

A gorgeous, bright, sunny, frosty morning and a trot over Great Hill on the Curry Run route. Pauline’s OROCS were a good choice of footwear – the ground wasn’t completely frozen but there was plenty of ice on the worn paths. A new fence around Black Brook adds a stile and a kissing-gate to the route so I guess my PB (whatever it is) won’t be beaten.



20141213-1-greathill-1-EditWhite Coppice

20141213-2-greathill-4-EditQuarry above White Coppice


All went well until just after leaving Spittler’s Edge and I found a very deep bog – thigh deep and I hadn’t reached the bottom! Fortunately, my shoe stayed on and I was at the far edge of the bog and able to pull myself out without having to roll in it. We came across an Orienteering event for the Territorial Reservists and they can’t be much good because one of the controls was on the summit of Great Hill and another in the car park at White Coppice.


20141213-3-greathill-15-EditWind blown trees on the side of Great Hill

20141213-4-greathill-18-EditDrinkwaters Farm (i)

20141213-5-greathill-20-EditDrinkwaters Farm (ii)

20141213-6-greathill-22-EditFrom Drinkwaters Farm

A slow gentle outing but before we finished my knee was complaining a bit, on the descent through the wood to the goyt. I should have taken a strap and that would have helped but there have been no lasting effects. Just goes to show how much I am going to have to do to get back to anything like my previous level of fitness. The forecast rain arrived as we approached White Coppice making the car park even more treacherous. So much so that a walker slipped and crashed to the ground. Unable to get back on his feet he was reduced to crying for help. Luckily we were joined by a couple of others who helped too and one gave him a lift home to Chorley. “Fortunately,” he said “my wife and daughter will be out because they are always telling me I shouldn’t go out walking on my own”. Not bad for an 86 year old! Hope your ankle is recovering OK today.


  1. A cracking area to trot around, tremendous photographs too! Where's the curry venue?

    1. Thanks, am pleased you enjoyed the photos. Curry venue is Top Lock pub on Tuesday evenings, highly recommended.