Sunday, 9 November 2014

Sa Galera – 29 October

Sa Galera is the most northerly summit on the Es Teix massif with outstanding views of the coast from Deia to Port de Soller although the last time we were there, in 2009, we were chased all the way back to Soller by a storm. In the process we lost the path or found the wrong one on the final descent and had to climb in and out of gardens and all sorts. This is something Pauline isn’t keen to repeat so this will be an out and back, passing Es Teix both ways because it remained under heavy clouds but visiting a couple of other summits along the ridge between them.


20141029_001_mallorca14-224Carrie de s’Axiduc above Valdemossa

20141029_002_mallorca14-229Alfabia Ridge and all the way along to Puig Major

20141029_003_mallorca14-233-EditPuig Major with Massanella in the far distance

20141029_004_mallorca14-237Deia far below

20141029_005_mallorca14-238Port de Soller in the other direction

20141029_006_mallorca14-239Deia and the mountains beyond

20141029_009_mallorca14-244Port de Soller with Puig Major under clouds

20141029_010_mallorca14-245Soller with Puig Major under clouds


20141029_012_mallorca14-258Looking west above Valdemossa

20141029_013_mallorca14-265The same direction as the previous shot but from further down into the valley

20141029_014_mallorca14-272Gate on the track to the refuge below Es Teix

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