Friday, 7 November 2014

Puig de sa Comuna – 27 October

Yesterday as we descended from the Col d L’Ofre we looked across the valley at an interesting hill, one that we had walked and driven passed for years but hadn’t ever bothered to look at. There it was, an isolated prominent hill, and we could see a bit of a track up it. Not only that but the track is marked on the map and isn’t far from a car park above Soller. Apart from a notable exception, you can expect to find a path to the summit of all the hills on Mallorca and, often, the most difficult part of the route is getting to that path but this track would take care of that.


20141027-1-mallorca14-156Morning sun on the Port

20141027-2-mallorca14-165Cuber reservoir


20141027-3-mallorca14-173Puig Major from Puig de sa Comuna

20141027-4-mallorca14-175Es Teix Massif from Puig de sa Comuna

20141027-5-mallorca14-180Puig Major from Puig de sa Comuna

20141027-6-mallorca14-190Port de Soller from Puig de sa Comuna

This turned out to be a perfect morning’s walk – a few route finding problems but plenty of cairns and a good summit path, as expected. Superb views of familiar hills from an unfamiliar view point in warm sunshine – about perfect.

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