Monday, 3 November 2014

Mallorca – 25 October

A travelling day with a spectacular sunrise, a flight over the Pyrenees right above “Pyrenees Haven” where we spent a week in July, lunch in Andratx and an evening in Port de Soller.

20141025-1-mallorca14-1005Sunrise north of the Pyrenees


20141025-2-mallorca14-1014Talcum mine just north of Pyrenees Haven outside Ax-les-Thermes

20141025-3-mallorca14-6-EditPort de Andratx

20141025-4-mallorca14-10-EditPort de Andratx

20141025-5-mallorca14-12-EditPort de Andratx

20141025-6-mallorca14-18-EditPort de Soller

20141025-8-mallorca14-31-EditPort de Soller



20141025-9-mallorca14-37-EditPort de Soller


20141025-10-mallorca14-41-EditPort de Soller



20141025-11-mallorca14-46-EditPort de Soller

20141025-7-mallorca14-30Port de Soller

20141025-13-mallorca14-53Port de Soller

20141025-12-mallorca14-51Port de Soller

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