Sunday, 23 November 2014

Easington Fell – 23 November

A short run over Waddington Fell and Easington Fell to ‘bag’ our last Lancashire Marilyn and to test my knee which survived a 6 mile run yesterday. I won’t know how my knee is until tomorrow but it seemed pretty good when we finished the somewhat modest 5 miles today.


20141123-1-easington-5Waddington Fell looking towards Longridge

20141123-2-easington-10Over Clithero to Pendle Hill


20141123-3-easington-22-EditWaddington Fell Quarry

20141123-4-easington-30-Edit-2Easington Fell

20141123-6-easington-42Easington Fell

20141123-5-easington-41-Edit-2Easington Fell looking towards Waddington Fell

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