Sunday, 9 November 2014

Deia to Valldemossa – 30 October

Not what we planned but somehow so characteristic of walking on Mallorca using paths away from the main routes. We planned loop from Deia to Talaia Vella on the ridge between Deia and Valldemossa. The route is a lollipop and at the end of the “stick” we found the ascent route was completely concealed so we climbed our intended descent which isn’t really a problem because reversing the route would be equally satisfactory. In fact, reversing the route is beneficial because the ascent of Talaia Vella is an “extra” beyond the book route and once at the col below it we will have done the longer “half” of the loop. Dropping off the ridge we have to find one of three paths on our right to reach the col but we fail to spot any of the three and reach another col way below the one wanted. Once there it becomes apparent that well signposted path is a new path, a diversion from the original and it doesn’t cross any of the paths we wanted.

This isn’t all bad because we now know precisely where we are and a local park ranger confirms we can reach the summit by a different route and visit a mirador overlooking Vallemossa on the way. This we do, out to the mirador up to the summit, along to the refuge and down to the correct col only to find the descent route to Deia blocked. There is no indication why but it is quite clear that it shouldn’t be used. Our option, other than retracing our steps and adding another couple of thousand feet of climbing, is to descend to Valldemossa – which we do. On the way we meet the park ranger again and ask about the blocked path. He didn’t know that it had been blocked at the top but a new landowner has blocked the “classic descent” to Deia at the very bottom of the route. I knew that already and I also knew of what is known as a “hunter’s path”. These tiny, unmarked routes often linking better known and well used routes as this one did. At the end of all this we realised we could, probably, have gone down to Deia as intended with the only problem being the very end of the path which was hidden.

Not what we planned but a great day out and the bonus of a shared taxi back to Deia meant we had time to wander round the older part of Deia for the first time.


20141030_001_mallorca14-298North with the headland of Punta da sa Foradada on the left

20141030_002_mallorca14-299East towards Port de Soller

20141030_003_mallorca14-304East again from higher on the ridge

20141030_006_mallorca14-308East again from higher on the ridge

20141030_007_mallorca14-313West from the mirador

20141030_009_mallorca14-318Towards Valldemossa from the mirador

20141030_010_mallorca14-319Valldemossa from the mirador

20141030_011_mallorca14-320The mirador

20141030_012_mallorca14-322South west towards Palma (and more than near enough)

20141030_013_mallorca14-324North Coast

20141030_015_mallorca14-327The refuge

20141030_017_mallorca14-334Some of the many goats on the slopes of Talaia Vella

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