Saturday, 8 November 2014

Deia and back – 28 October

On a day with storms forecast for the afternoon the coastal path to Deia (with the possibility of a bus back to Soller if the storms materialised) seemed like a good plan. The higher of the two paths is quicker but, perhaps, slightly less interesting. It is, however, much easier to find from the lighthouse outside Port de Soller. The “arrival” of the GR221 and its signposts means well marked routes that concentrate all the traffic on big tracks and hardened paths – this makes things easier and also makes the other paths even more pleasurable, when they can be found.

We wandered around the harbour, out on to the cliff paths, enjoyed a beer at Cala Deia and decided the storms existed only in the Met Office forecast when meant we could walk back to Port de Soller by the lower of the two paths. More interesting, quieter and recovering from several landslips that occurred about three years ago, it is still entertaining and a little exposed in places even if you don’t go wrong. Happily the weather stayed fine and we had another thoroughly enjoyable day.

20141028_001_mallorca14-1058 Port de Soller in morning sunshine

20141028_002_mallorca14-1060Port de Soller

20141028_003_mallorca14-1061Port de Soller

20141028_004_mallorca14-1062Port de Soller

20141028_006_mallorca14-1083Cala Deia

20141028_007_mallorca14-1086The north coast looking towards Port de Soller

20141028_008_mallorca14-1087Probably a farmhouse, once

20141028_009_mallorca14-1090Port de Soller

20141028_010_mallorca14-1092Port de Soller sunset

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