Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Col de L’Ofre - 26 October

A ‘stroll’ up the Barranc to the Col de L’Ofre from where we bagged some peaks we have previously walked passed before descending through the Portell de sa Costa. The Portell provides a sudden and dramatic view of Port de Soller as well as a quiet and interesting alternative to the Barranc. The Barranc is not to be missed but because everyone knows that it is never quiet and now attracts mountain bikers, at least for the descent.

20141026-1-mallorca14-68Morning light on the port

20141026-2-mallorca14-79Biniaraix with Soller beyond

20141026-3-mallorca14-84-EditTwisted olive tree

20141026-4-mallorca14-91-EditBikers descending (i)

20141026-5-mallorca14-93-EditBikers descending (ii)

20141026-6-mallorca14-98-EditThe “welcome” near the top of the Barranc

20141026-7-mallorca14-101Near the top of the Barranc

20141026-8-mallorca14-102Looking towards the Portell

20141026-9-mallorca14-103Friendly vegetation – not all the vegetation is this benign

20141026-10-mallorca14-104Col de L’Ofre

20141026-11-mallorca14-105Looking down on Soller

20141026-12-mallorca14-106Looking back to the top of the Barranc with Soller in the distance

20141026-13-mallorca14-109Puig Major and Puig de Massanella (on the right, in the distance) – the two highest peaks


20141026-14-mallorca14-116More bikers

20141026-15-mallorca14-117More bikers still

20141026-16-mallorca14-137Farm near Biniaraix

20141026-17-mallorca14-143An olive tree catching the sun

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