Sunday, 9 November 2014

Castell d’Alaro – 31 October

Coming towards the end of quite a hard week we both wanted a fairly easy day, a very easy day really. A year or two ago we tried, very unsuccessfully, to walk to the Castell d’Alaro from Alaro itself and while the whole route is quite a long day it is possible to considerably shorten it, which is what we did. Puig d’Alaro is one of the two prominent ‘sugar loaf’ mountains seen north of the Palma-Inca motorway. Castell d’Alaro, originally a Moorish stronghold, once covered almost the entire top of the mountain and the approaches to it were well defended by steep cliffs. The onl way up is by a steep cobbled path and the remains are still as impressive as the views are extensive.


20141031_001_mallorca14-405North to an unfamiliar view of the mountains seen from Soller, L’Ofre on the left

20141031_002_mallorca14-410Cobbled Path

20141031_003_mallorca14-411More Cobbled Path

20141031_004_mallorca14-414Even More Cobbled Path with the Castell in the distance

20141031_005_mallorca14-415South towards Palma

20141031_006_mallorca14-416North to the mountains

The next group are all of the Castell d’Alaro












20141031_012_mallorca14-429North East towards Massanella



20141031_014_mallorca14-438North to Puig Major

20141031_015_mallorca14-440North to Puig Major

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