Sunday, 23 November 2014

Easington Fell – 23 November

A short run over Waddington Fell and Easington Fell to ‘bag’ our last Lancashire Marilyn and to test my knee which survived a 6 mile run yesterday. I won’t know how my knee is until tomorrow but it seemed pretty good when we finished the somewhat modest 5 miles today.


20141123-1-easington-5Waddington Fell looking towards Longridge

20141123-2-easington-10Over Clithero to Pendle Hill


20141123-3-easington-22-EditWaddington Fell Quarry

20141123-4-easington-30-Edit-2Easington Fell

20141123-6-easington-42Easington Fell

20141123-5-easington-41-Edit-2Easington Fell looking towards Waddington Fell

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Carrock Fell – 15 November 2014

We have a long “tick-list” - Wainwright High Fells (Third Round), Wainwright Outlyers (First Round), FRCC Fells (First Round), Birketts (First Round) and Marilyns (unlikely that we will complete a first round but a very worthwhile list nevertheless) and unlike previous rounds of the High Fells we are now actively trying to complete the other rounds at the same time.

Carrock Fell was on the Third Round and we planned to visit The Tongue but failed to find it in difficult conditions only to find, after we got home, that we had been there in December 2007 so we got our Birkett, just not in the way we planned. Conditions improved later in the day and we enjoyed spectacular skyscapes on our way to Keswick in the late afternoon.


20141115_001_Northernfells-3-EditGate in Mosedale

20141115_002_Northernfells-14-EditSunshine in front on the Mell Fells

20141115_003_Northernfells-20-EditMountain Bike?


20141115_005_Northernfells-59-EditNear Tarn Crag Top ready to descend to Bowscale Tarn looking at Carrock Fell

20141115_006_Northernfells-1006-EditLooking south west towards Derwent Water

20141115_007_Northernfells-1009-Edit-3-EditTowards Keswick from Blakebeck

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Lead Mines Clough – 09 November

Wee run out to the Bomber Memorial for Remembrance Sunday in warm sunshine – almost like last weekend!

20141109_003_leadminesclough-20-EditSunshine through the trees at Rivington

20141109_001_leadminesclough-7-EditWaterfall at the top of Lead Mines Clough

20141109_002_leadminesclough-17-EditWinter Hill

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


When we first visited Mallorca 10 years ago, Soller was where we stayed for the week and our fondness for it has grown over the years. There are few better places to finish a long day in the hills than the Plaza in Soller and so we finish there when we can.












Deia lies a little in land from the north coast between Valdemossa and Port de Soller, Cala Deia is on the coast and we usually prefer it to the town. The oldest part of Deia is on a small hill surrounded on three sides by the main road, fairly free from tourists and worth walking round.









Monday, 10 November 2014