Monday, 6 October 2014

White Hill & Burn Fell – 05 October

White Hill is one of our remaining two Marilyns on Lancashire, Easington Fell being the other and as on at least one previous occasion we planned to visit it on the way home but as before, time slipped away faster than planned. So having recorded what we didn’t do it is time to move to what we did do. From as far up the Hornby Road as it is legal to drive we ran up Croasdale to just short of the quarry and took the track on the right towards White Hill. The track soon finishes but there are bits and pieces of trods that take you to within site of one of the survey pillars. The summit and Trig Point are a little way beyond and this must be one of the few hills in England without a network of paths leading to its summit. Fortunately the heather isn’t particularly high and the bogs are pretty dry so the final stretch isn’t too bad.

20141005-1-bowland-9-EditWhite Hill Trig Point with a survey pillar in the distance

The return to Hornby Road was better because a faint trod follows the fence back to the road from where we took a wonderful, way marked path to Whitendale.

20141005-2-bowland-15-EditFarm house and cottages at Whitendale

20141005-3-bowland-17-EditLooking back down to Whitendale

The track climbing out of Whitendale is an easy way up on to Dunsop Fell from where there is a small trod leading to the Trig Point on Burn Fell. The path back to where we parked proved elusive (too many on the ground, more than on the map) so trudged back to Croasdale by the wall over wet tussocky ground. This is another wonderful corner of Bowland in its own right and because it provides superb views of familiar hills from an unfamiliar viewpoint.

20141005-4-bowland-23-Edit-EditBurn Fell Trig Point

20141005-5-bowland-26-EditLooking south towards Pendle Hill from Burn Fell

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