Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Langdale Horseshoe – 11 October

With a week’s walking in Mallorca just around the corner and wet, slippery conditions almost certain in Langdale the only sensible decision was to look after my knee and not race. Although I should have made my “final” decision earlier I wondered and wondered until late Friday when I reluctantly accepted that not running was the best option. Doctor thinks I have some damage to the cruciate ligament but that physio and some strengthening exercises will sort it out. I can’t say I share his optimism but it has to be worth trying. With the Winter Hill fell race a thing of the past I don’t intend racing again until April which should be plenty of time to get things sorted.

20141011_001_langdale-15Rhys leads the field out on to the fells

20141011_002_langdale-106Towards the Crinkles

20141011_003_langdale-111-EditTowards the Crinkles (II)

20141011_004_langdale-116-EditTowards the Crinkles (III)

20141011_005_langdale-176The Bad Step

20141011_006_langdale-177-Edit-2Running away from below the Bad Step

20141011_001_langdale-198The Langdale Pikes beyond The Band

20141012_008_langdale-44-EditRaw Head (Sunday morning)

20141012_003_langdale-58-EditRobertson Lamb Hut (Sunday morning)

We watched the race, did some gentle peak-bagging and thoroughly enjoyed the day, especially when the clouds began to clear out as we were approaching the Crinkles. A misty start to Sunday morning created very atmospheric conditions before we left the Lakes to head to Buxton to see Charlie Ramsay at the mountain festival.


More photos here

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