Monday, 20 October 2014

Furness Fells – 18 October

The Furness Fells lie at the south end of Coniston Water and contain a collection of Wainwright’s Outlying Fell, Birketts and one of the four outstanding FRCC fells we have still to visit. Under heavy low clouds we visited the two ridges to the south of Top o’Selside, then drove over to Blawith Knott to visit the two summits there to give a total of 8 ‘ticks’ for the day. More would have been done but for the difficulty in finding the car parks on the east side of Coniston Water – they may well be there or they may have been closed since my map was published but either way they aren’t visible from the road, which is an odd characteristic for a car park.

20141018_001_jossdinner-3-EditMorecambe Bay




20141018_002_jossdinner-9-EditTowards Kirby Moor wind farm (just visible on the skyline)

20141018_004_jossdinner-61-EditChimney at Stanton Bridge

20141018_003_jossdinner-54-EditLane at Stanton Bridge

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