Sunday, 7 September 2014

Longsleddale – 06 September

There is still something a slightly wonderful about consulting one of Wainwright’s volumes for advice on unfamiliar ground, all the more so when you find you have been there before but it was so long ago that all recollections have slipped away entirely. My handwritten notes recorded we had climbed Grey Crag from Sadgill on August 4th, 1999. Then we bypassed our first target of today, Great Howe. This marks the probably stuttering start of a campaign to complete our third round of Wainwright’s High Fells, first round of Wainwright’s Outlying Fells, first round of the FRCC Lakeland Fells and our first round of the Birketts. The rounds overlap as you might expect although some of Wainwright’s Outlyers are found on no other lists but otherwise most summits should be worth more than one ‘tick’.

Today’s Birkett targets are Great Howe, Little Harter Fell and Goat Scar and today’s Wainwright’s Third Round targets are Tarn Crag and Grey Crag. The round for today is Great Howe, Grey Crag, Tarn Crag, Branstree, Adam Seat, Little Harter Fell, Harter Fell, Kentmere Pike, Goat Scar, Shipman Knotts and back to Sadgill. It is also a “not too committing” test for my right knee which is somewhat more fragile than usual.


20140906_001_longsleddale-2-EditLooking up Longsleddale from Great Howe

20140906_002_longsleddale-5-EditSurvey Pillar on Tarn Crag

20140906_004_longsleddale-14-EditStile and fence on Branstree

20140906_003_longsleddale-13-EditStile and fence on Branstree (II)

20140906_005_longsleddale-21-EditWool on fence post

20140906_006_longsleddale-22-EditWool and rain drops on fence

20140906_007_longsleddale-24-EditMardale from Little Harter Fell

20140906_008_longsleddale-33-EditReflection on Shipman Knotts

All the desired ticks were gained and my knee stood up to the not too demanding rigours of the day which was quite pleasing because I have been resting it for a week now.

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