Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Andorra Hill Race – 03 August

This was the reason for the visit to Andorra – Gary was going to race, we were going to take some photos and enjoy the sunshine. The plan seemed straightforward until the race (the long race – there was also a short race and a fun run) start was brought forward by two hours so that everyone would be down off the hills before the lunchtime storms arrived. This meant the race would start before we could, realistically, get there given that Gary didn’t finish work until about nine o’clock the previous evening. We all went anyway and the storms didn’t arrive until very much later.

20140803_001_untitled-469The Long Race Winner

20140803_002_untitled-483The Long Race Runner Up – Rob Jebb

20140803_003_untitled-496Rob, Gary and Brice

20140803_001_untitled-504Rob, Sharon & family

20140803_005_untitled-506It isn’t only in Cumbria that runner cool down in the river



20140803_004_untitled-499The finish area

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