Sunday, 13 July 2014

Wasdale Fell Race – 12 July

I think it is possible, in days gone by, that I may have enjoyed parts of this race but after retiring in the heat of last year and worried (rightly so) about insufficient training this year I wasn’t expecting to enjoy much of this year’s race, and I didn’t, apart from pouring cold water over my head at Geendale beck. Compared with last year I was quicker to Whin Rigg, Greendale Bridge and Seatallan. I reached Pillar about 20 minutes ahead of the cut off and while I wasn’t feeling great I was still in the race. Getting to and getting up Great Gable took the allowed time plus the 20 minutes I had in hand which meant I was through the last cut off and still moving, just. I recorded my worst time, have no race photos (having decided there wouldn’t be time and I didn’t need the extra weight) but I finished, which was all that mattered yesterday.

20140712-2-wasdale-9-EditWast Water looking west

20140712-1-wasdale-4-EditWast Water looking towards Wasdale Head

Huge thanks to CFR and everyone involved in making the 2014 Wasdale fell race happen Smile

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