Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Tony’s Bob Graham Round – 28 June

As always, it was a wonderful day out for everyone involved apart from the Contender who didn’t really begin to enjoy it until about 200 yards from the Moot Hall. That probably isn’t true because the whole day went well and only towards the end did the clock become a problem and then only for Tony. The camaraderie can’t be beaten and I am sure we all feel the same, it is very special to be part of something as demanding as this and it was a particular privilege to be part of the Leg 5 team and enjoy the celebrations afterwards in a truly family affair.

Road Crew at Honister

20140628-keswick-16Mark (no relation)

20140628-keswick-20Amie (daughter)  with Lewis (daughter’s boy friend) and Heather (wife)

20140628-keswick-107Mark & Heather

Robinson the 42nd and final summit

20140628-TM_BGR-2Tony – 42 done

20140628-TM_BGR-4Albert & Josie heading towards the final descent


20140628-TM_BGR-5Amie & Niamh (daughters) with Tony


20140628-TM_BGR-6Amie & Niamh (daughters) with Tony


20140628-TM_BGR-8Tony & Heather




20140628-TM_BGR-15Heather, Amie & Tony

My own favourite, in mono, of course

20140628-TM_BGR-3Tony on Robinson

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