Sunday, 6 July 2014

A Fairfield Horseshoe – 05 July

From Ambleside clockwise to Dove Crag and then over to Red Screes for the descent to Ambleside. This was once a winter favourite, with good reason. The descent from Red Screes is easy under all conditions and Ambleside is seen from a good way up the ridge which may not be immediately appealing but after dark when the Christmas lights are lit it is magical.

20140705-1-fairfield-3South over Ambleside and Windermere

20140705-2-fairfield-11West towards the Coniston Fells

20140705-3-fairfield-13Windermere & Coniston Water

20140705-4-fairfield-16West again over Grasmere

20140705-5-fairfield-21Over Windermere

20140705-6-fairfield-26West again from higher on the ridge

20140705-7-fairfield-38Over Ambleside & Windermere

20140705-8-fairfield-39Over Ambleside & Windermere down the ridge

20140705-9-fairfield-43St Sunday Crag and the Far Eastern Fells beyond

20140705-10-fairfield-51Windermere and Coniston Water from Fairfield

20140705-11-fairfield-64Looking back to St Sunday Crag from Hart Crag

20140705-12-fairfield-69Looking west from Dove Crag


20140705-13-fairfield-72Geoff Briggs and his JNLC support arriving from Red Screes, near Dove Crag

20140705-14-fairfield-82Windermere from Red Screes

20140705-15-fairfield-88Balanced Stones on the way back to Ambleside

Meeting Geoff on his JNLC attempt was the main purpose of my extended Fairfield Horseshoe and I understand he left Dunmail ahead of schedule and running strongly.

Geoff reached Greendale Bridge comfortably within his allowed time to successfully complete the “Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge”.

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