Sunday, 27 July 2014

Coope’s Dozen – 26 July

A long standing tradition on the last Saturday before the Borrowdale fell race, Coope’s Dozen visits 12 of the recognised summits on and around Winter Hill. My preference is to include Hurst Hill giving 13 summits – the best type of Dozen, ask any baker! For the first time in a number of years Coope’s Dozen didn’t take place as an organised, supported run and despite the weather I decided to have solo run round. With plenty of sunshine and high temperatures forecast I set off a little after seven o’clock at what I hoped might be a 5 hour pace.

There is no drinkable water on the route and it really isn’t possible to carry enough for 4-5 hours so I drank plenty before setting off and decided if I could get to Old Adam’s Hill without touching the water I was carrying I would be able to get all the way round. This worked and although the pace was somewhat pedestrian it minimised fluid loss.


20140726-1-rivington-13-EditUpper Rivington Reservoir



20140726-2-winterhill-5Sun shining into the woods below Noon Hill

20140726-3-winterhill-6Sun shining into the woods below Noon Hill (II)

20140726-4-winterhill-7Foxglove catching the sun

20140726-5-winterhill-9Rivington Pike

20140726-7-winterhill-12The edge of Great Hill with Oak trees growing on sites on abandoned farms

20140726-8-winterhill-16Looking across Dean Black Brook

20140726-6-winterhill-11Winter Hill from Noon Hill

A very enjoyable warm morning on Winter Hill and a very sociable one as I met Pauline, Mark and Gordon on their way from Great Hill and a little later a couple of local LDWA members also out enjoying the sunshine.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Ingleborough Fell Race – 19 July

II should really have titled this post “Ingleton Gala” because the fell race is far too short, fast and furious to consider carrying a camera. I was surprised to find I haven’t been on Ingleborough for more than five years, not since we last did The Fellsman, and before I started this blog. The route up is the same although today, because of the poor visibility, the marshal at the turn round was close to the end of the summit plateau rather than at the Trig Point. This is an unrelenting climb, almost all runnable, and (probably) hugely enjoyable, if you like this sort of thing. The descent was much more fun although much of the path has protruding boulders to catch the unwary and those with tired legs. I wasn’t unhappy with my 75 minutes up and down although compared with the front of the field, it is a bit pedestrian. Perhaps I still had Wasdale “in my legs”?

The Gala had plenty to entertain and the Mountain Bike High Jump was particularly impressive as was the Egg Throwing but it is the egg catching that is the impressive part.



In the above sequence the bar is over 4 feet off the ground and to even get close to jumping a bike that high from a standing start is amazing and amazing to watch. Just to show it was done when the bar was just under 4 feet off the ground …

20140719-1-ingleton-21Just over with the front wheel beginning to descend

20140719-6-ingleton-54-EditEgg Catching

Huge thanks to David McGonigal (RO) and everyone else involved for the 2014 Ingleborough fell race

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Wasdale Fell Race – 12 July

I think it is possible, in days gone by, that I may have enjoyed parts of this race but after retiring in the heat of last year and worried (rightly so) about insufficient training this year I wasn’t expecting to enjoy much of this year’s race, and I didn’t, apart from pouring cold water over my head at Geendale beck. Compared with last year I was quicker to Whin Rigg, Greendale Bridge and Seatallan. I reached Pillar about 20 minutes ahead of the cut off and while I wasn’t feeling great I was still in the race. Getting to and getting up Great Gable took the allowed time plus the 20 minutes I had in hand which meant I was through the last cut off and still moving, just. I recorded my worst time, have no race photos (having decided there wouldn’t be time and I didn’t need the extra weight) but I finished, which was all that mattered yesterday.

20140712-2-wasdale-9-EditWast Water looking west

20140712-1-wasdale-4-EditWast Water looking towards Wasdale Head

Huge thanks to CFR and everyone involved in making the 2014 Wasdale fell race happen Smile

Sunday, 6 July 2014

A Fairfield Horseshoe – 05 July

From Ambleside clockwise to Dove Crag and then over to Red Screes for the descent to Ambleside. This was once a winter favourite, with good reason. The descent from Red Screes is easy under all conditions and Ambleside is seen from a good way up the ridge which may not be immediately appealing but after dark when the Christmas lights are lit it is magical.

20140705-1-fairfield-3South over Ambleside and Windermere

20140705-2-fairfield-11West towards the Coniston Fells

20140705-3-fairfield-13Windermere & Coniston Water

20140705-4-fairfield-16West again over Grasmere

20140705-5-fairfield-21Over Windermere

20140705-6-fairfield-26West again from higher on the ridge

20140705-7-fairfield-38Over Ambleside & Windermere

20140705-8-fairfield-39Over Ambleside & Windermere down the ridge

20140705-9-fairfield-43St Sunday Crag and the Far Eastern Fells beyond

20140705-10-fairfield-51Windermere and Coniston Water from Fairfield

20140705-11-fairfield-64Looking back to St Sunday Crag from Hart Crag

20140705-12-fairfield-69Looking west from Dove Crag


20140705-13-fairfield-72Geoff Briggs and his JNLC support arriving from Red Screes, near Dove Crag

20140705-14-fairfield-82Windermere from Red Screes

20140705-15-fairfield-88Balanced Stones on the way back to Ambleside

Meeting Geoff on his JNLC attempt was the main purpose of my extended Fairfield Horseshoe and I understand he left Dunmail ahead of schedule and running strongly.

Geoff reached Greendale Bridge comfortably within his allowed time to successfully complete the “Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge”.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Tony’s Bob Graham Round – 28 June

As always, it was a wonderful day out for everyone involved apart from the Contender who didn’t really begin to enjoy it until about 200 yards from the Moot Hall. That probably isn’t true because the whole day went well and only towards the end did the clock become a problem and then only for Tony. The camaraderie can’t be beaten and I am sure we all feel the same, it is very special to be part of something as demanding as this and it was a particular privilege to be part of the Leg 5 team and enjoy the celebrations afterwards in a truly family affair.

Road Crew at Honister

20140628-keswick-16Mark (no relation)

20140628-keswick-20Amie (daughter)  with Lewis (daughter’s boy friend) and Heather (wife)

20140628-keswick-107Mark & Heather

Robinson the 42nd and final summit

20140628-TM_BGR-2Tony – 42 done

20140628-TM_BGR-4Albert & Josie heading towards the final descent


20140628-TM_BGR-5Amie & Niamh (daughters) with Tony


20140628-TM_BGR-6Amie & Niamh (daughters) with Tony


20140628-TM_BGR-8Tony & Heather




20140628-TM_BGR-15Heather, Amie & Tony

My own favourite, in mono, of course

20140628-TM_BGR-3Tony on Robinson