Sunday, 22 June 2014

White Bear Way – 21 June

Like many similar events the White Bear Way and a variety of routes, each of a different length and the 21 mile route climbs out of Adlington to the West Pennine Moors before dropping back down the Leeds–Liverpool canal back to Adlington. That was just what I had in mind when I set off but not paying attention at a critical junction of footpaths meant I found myself on the 10 mile route. The realisation dawned only slowly and it was too late to sort out by the time I was completely sure. So no West Pennine Moors, no photos and not enough miles for a Saturday morning.

The first was more or less impossible to sort but after finishing I went back to do another 10 miles on the canal and took a couple of photos. Ah well, there is always next year. Although in this instance there might not be a next year because the organisers are standing down and there is, as yet, no-one willing to take over.




  1. Shame about your navigational faff, the 21 mile roule is a good 'un.
    I went out on the Littleborough Lions Circular today - 20 miles from Hollingworth Lake. a brilliant route but a bit too warm for me!

  2. Thanks John. I did the 21 mile route 2 years ago and we went wrong at the same point but corrected it fairly quickly. This time I just switched off, thinking I was on the right path not least because I had been there before!

    1. Think half the runners went wrong there. And it's not as though it is unfamiliar territory to us!