Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Mingulay – 29 May

A day trip to a magical place.



20140529-2-barra-473Approaching the summit of Heacla


20140529-3-barra-479Looking north from below the summit of Carnan


20140529-4-barra-481North west to the dunes with Cnoc Mhic a Phi in the clouds




20140529-6-barra-487sea cliffs


20140529-7-barra-490Looking north from Cnoc Mhic a Phi towards Barra


20140529-8-barra-516Ruins near the beach

20140529-9-barra-527Ruins near the beach


20140529-10-barra-533Remains of the graveyard


20140529-11-barra-539Ruins from the beach


20140529-12-barra-553The boats



20140529-13-barra-554All aboard




20140529-15-barra-568Sea cliffs by the natural arch



20140529-16-barra-578The natural arch



20140529-17-barra-616Happy Birthday Dave!

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  1. Been there, done that Ian - so thanks for refreshing the memories. It really is a beautiful island and those sea cliffs are quite incredible. I remember standing at the top of one and could have dropped a stone onto a boat hundreds of feet below... I caught a guillemot in some nettles by one of those ruined buildings, ran into the sea with it and tried to out-swim it. I failed! Also, a teacher from somewhere in the midlands was trying to restore one of the buildings. I remember the pile of beer cans in one corner..