Sunday, 15 June 2014

Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge – 14 June

The original plan had been to support a contender from Sty Head to Greendale Bridge but, sadly, the attempt had to be postponed so we worked out a cunning plan to meet some contenders at Sty Head and some others at Greendale Bridge as they were finishing. In the event, the plan wasn’t quite cunning enough because all were so far ahead of their schedules that by the time we reached Sty Head they had all left. By the time we reached the summit of Great Gable they were still ahead and out of sight. At Beck Head we saw the last of a group disappearing up Kirk Fell and so decided to cut round the back of Kirk Fell for Black Sail Pass. In doing so we reached there ahead of the last of the “last night” contenders. Mandy Calvert was behind them but on a much faster schedule and we weren’t planning to see her until Greendale Bridge, at the finish. Mike Langrish and Bob Brandon had come up from Black Sail YH to meet the “last night” contenders but encountered the same problem we had at Sty Head – they had gone through already.


20140614-1-wasdale-21Jenny & Carol with their support team

We saw Mike & Bob and then decided to carry on over Pillar with Jenny & Carol.

20140614-2-wasdale-24Pillar summit

20140614-3-wasdale-26Talking Tactics

20140614-4-wasdale-34Sorting the descent route

20140614-5-wasdale-36-EditDropping down to Wasdale Head


We dropped down to the hause with Jenny & Carol and then all the way down to Wasdale Head where we left our bikes. Back down the road to Greendale with just enough time to get changed and stow the bikes before Mandy Calvert arrived to finish in well under her 14 hours.

20140614-6-wasdale-109Mandy Calvert arrives well inside her allowed 14 hours

20140614-7-wasdale-11120140614-8-wasdale-11320140614-9-wasdale-11420140614-10-wasdale-117Celebrating with Joss

20140614-11-wasdale-11820140614-12-wasdale-120Two attempts at a Team Photo

20140614-13-wasdale-128Carol & Jenny finishing


20140614-14-wasdale-131With Joss


20140614-15-wasdale-136With Joss

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