Sunday, 15 June 2014

Castlebay – 31 May

The weather started closing in before we left Vatersay but didn’t turn to rain so while Pauline went off to do the “Castle Tour” I went for wander. After another excellent meal in the fabulous Indian/Italian restaurant we finished our last day in the pub where the Vatersay Boys were playing – about perfect!

20140531-1-barra-802-EditThey don’t come any fresher than this

20140531-2-barra-807-EditCatch of the day

20140531-3-barra-813-EditGoing for more

20140531-4-barra-822-EditThe Lifeboat(s)

20140531-7-barra-864The Castle (Pauline says she is in this shot & waving but I never saw her)

20140531-6-barra-861Under the pier

20140531-5-barra-853-EditUnder the pier II

20140531-10-barra-888Beware the Vatersay Boys

20140531-9-barra-886Vatersay Boys II

20140531-8-barra-882Vatersay Boys III

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