Saturday, 7 June 2014

Beinn Sgulaird – 25 May

With a forecast promising plenty of weather especially later in the day we headed for Glen Creran where there are a couple of Munros we looked at a few years ago on another day with “plenty of weather”. This time the better weather would be in the morning so we parked near Elleric and set off up Glen Ure with Keith who was quite unable to remember where he had done these two from.


20140525-1-barra-62Overgrown gate at Elleric

Butterfield appeared to suggest the most sensible route from Glen Creran, Glen Ure and then use a stream as a handrail to the summit ridge. On paper this looked great and even in practice it wasn’t too bad. These are big quiet hills and this route is quite different from the SMC route so we don’t see anyone at all.

20140525-2-barra-67Looking west down Glen Ure

20140525-3-barra-69Late Bluebells below An Grianan (in the direction of Glen Etive)

20140525-5-barra-77Glen Creran beyond Glen Ure

20140525-6-barra-80An Grianan

20140525-8-barra-83West across Glen Creran

20140525-9-barra-87Pauline & Keith

20140525-10-barra-94Pauline & Keith with the Glen Etive Hills beyond

20140525-11-barra-97Keith with Glen Etive in the distance

20140525-12-barra-98Looking south west to the isles

With the summit gained we needed to decide whether to bushwhack/bogtrot to the second Munro or enjoy the views out the southwest on our way back to Glen Creran. The pending rain could be seen gathering and with Pauline struggling a little because of a course of antibiotics we had an outbreak of common sense and decided to leave the other for another day.

20140525-13-barra-114The way back down to Glen Creran

20140525-14-barra-125Northern Marsh Orchid

20140525-15-barra-126-EditBig Cat

20140525-16-barra-127-EditBig Cat been scraping a new road

20140525-17-barra-133Loch Creran

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