Saturday, 7 June 2014

Beinn Damhain & Meall an Fhudair – 26 May

Sitting on either side of Lairig Arnan above Glen Falloch these two hills are entirely unremarkable in every sense except one. Around 20 twenty years ago Keith completed his round of the Munros but continued to walk in the hills at every opportunity, ticking lists as he went along without any specific aims in mind apart, perhaps, from revisiting the “Best of the  Munros” with friends.  As time went by, as it does, Keith realised a little planning would need to avoid being left with awkward hills to complete a couple of big lists. With a bit more planning it would be possible to complete both lists on the same day and so these two almost adjoining hills, one a Graham, the other a Corbett, became the last on Keith’s lists. So unremarkable are they that Keith’s preference was “not to waste a good day” on them, despite their significance, and so on a dull grey morning with rain forecast for sooner rather than later we headed up Lairig Arnan for Beinn Damhain.

20140526-1-barra-139Up the track ahead of the rain, just

20140526-2-barra-143Beinn Damhain done – Keith’s final Graham


20140526-4-barra-149Loch Lomond in the distance

20140526-5-barra-156Meall an Fhudair done  - Keith’s final Corbett

20140526-6-barra-160Looking back to Glen Falloch

20140526-7-barra-168Towards Loch Lomond

20140526-8-barra-175Loch Lomond again

20140526-9-barra-195Glen Coe

20140526-10-barra-204-EditLoch Linnhe

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