Sunday, 22 June 2014

White Bear Way – 21 June

Like many similar events the White Bear Way and a variety of routes, each of a different length and the 21 mile route climbs out of Adlington to the West Pennine Moors before dropping back down the Leeds–Liverpool canal back to Adlington. That was just what I had in mind when I set off but not paying attention at a critical junction of footpaths meant I found myself on the 10 mile route. The realisation dawned only slowly and it was too late to sort out by the time I was completely sure. So no West Pennine Moors, no photos and not enough miles for a Saturday morning.

The first was more or less impossible to sort but after finishing I went back to do another 10 miles on the canal and took a couple of photos. Ah well, there is always next year. Although in this instance there might not be a next year because the organisers are standing down and there is, as yet, no-one willing to take over.



Sunday, 15 June 2014

Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge – 14 June

The original plan had been to support a contender from Sty Head to Greendale Bridge but, sadly, the attempt had to be postponed so we worked out a cunning plan to meet some contenders at Sty Head and some others at Greendale Bridge as they were finishing. In the event, the plan wasn’t quite cunning enough because all were so far ahead of their schedules that by the time we reached Sty Head they had all left. By the time we reached the summit of Great Gable they were still ahead and out of sight. At Beck Head we saw the last of a group disappearing up Kirk Fell and so decided to cut round the back of Kirk Fell for Black Sail Pass. In doing so we reached there ahead of the last of the “last night” contenders. Mandy Calvert was behind them but on a much faster schedule and we weren’t planning to see her until Greendale Bridge, at the finish. Mike Langrish and Bob Brandon had come up from Black Sail YH to meet the “last night” contenders but encountered the same problem we had at Sty Head – they had gone through already.


20140614-1-wasdale-21Jenny & Carol with their support team

We saw Mike & Bob and then decided to carry on over Pillar with Jenny & Carol.

20140614-2-wasdale-24Pillar summit

20140614-3-wasdale-26Talking Tactics

20140614-4-wasdale-34Sorting the descent route

20140614-5-wasdale-36-EditDropping down to Wasdale Head


We dropped down to the hause with Jenny & Carol and then all the way down to Wasdale Head where we left our bikes. Back down the road to Greendale with just enough time to get changed and stow the bikes before Mandy Calvert arrived to finish in well under her 14 hours.

20140614-6-wasdale-109Mandy Calvert arrives well inside her allowed 14 hours

20140614-7-wasdale-11120140614-8-wasdale-11320140614-9-wasdale-11420140614-10-wasdale-117Celebrating with Joss

20140614-11-wasdale-11820140614-12-wasdale-120Two attempts at a Team Photo

20140614-13-wasdale-128Carol & Jenny finishing


20140614-14-wasdale-131With Joss


20140614-15-wasdale-136With Joss

Bye Bye Barra – 01 June

A magical place where we had too little time to spend on this visit – only one option, really, and so we will be back. This was a Rucksack Club President’s Meet so thanks to Andy for a wonderful meet in a fabulous location.


20140601-1-barra-894Castlebay on a misty drizzly morning


Vintage Bentley

20140601-3-barra-905Last Look

20140601-4-barra-908Into the Sound of Mull

20140601-6-barra-911-EditIn the Sound of Mull approaching Oban

Castlebay – 31 May

The weather started closing in before we left Vatersay but didn’t turn to rain so while Pauline went off to do the “Castle Tour” I went for wander. After another excellent meal in the fabulous Indian/Italian restaurant we finished our last day in the pub where the Vatersay Boys were playing – about perfect!

20140531-1-barra-802-EditThey don’t come any fresher than this

20140531-2-barra-807-EditCatch of the day

20140531-3-barra-813-EditGoing for more

20140531-4-barra-822-EditThe Lifeboat(s)

20140531-7-barra-864The Castle (Pauline says she is in this shot & waving but I never saw her)

20140531-6-barra-861Under the pier

20140531-5-barra-853-EditUnder the pier II

20140531-10-barra-888Beware the Vatersay Boys

20140531-9-barra-886Vatersay Boys II

20140531-8-barra-882Vatersay Boys III

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Vatersay – 31 May

One more reachable Trig Point was the excuse to cycle to Vatersay and climb Heiseabhal Mor. Our plan included coffee and cakes at he Community Centre but it was recovering from a party the previous night. The caretaker was struggling to sober up at lunchtime so it must have been quite a party.

20140531-1-barra-775Looking south over the village with Sandray beyond

20140531-2-barra-780Over the causeway to Barra

20140531-4-barra-785Catalina Crash Memorial

20140531-5-barra-787Catalina Wreckage

20140531-3-barra-784Catalina Wreckage II

20140531-6-barra-791Vatersay Bay

Sunset – 30 May

Sunsets always happen even if a bank of clouds spoils things at the final moments. Ah well, there will be another one tomorrow.












3 Trig Points on Barra – 30 May

After the excitement of the airport we cycled north to Beinn Sgurabhal for the first of the three Trig Points on the island. From there we cycled down the east coast, stopping at the church of St Barr, to the col below Heabhal for the second Trig Point. From there the third, Beinn Tragabhal didn’t look too difficult so we carried on to the high point on the Vatersay road. If there are any paths at all on this hill they are well disguised because we failed to find anything that could be described even as a trod. Nevertheless this was a great way to finish off the afternoon before a swift shandy and fish & chips from the travelling chippie.

20140530-1-barra-668From Beinn Sgurabhal looking south east to Fuday

20140530-2-barra-669From Beinn Sgurabhal looking north east

20140530-3-barra-676St Barr’s Church

20140530-4-barra-677Graveyard at St Barr’s Church

20140530-5-barra-684Pauline climbing Heabhal with Castlebay beyond

20140530-6-barra-689Enjoying the view over Castlebay

20140530-7-barra-693Castlebay and the islands to the south

20140530-8-barra-694The statue on Heabhal

20140530-9-barra-700Towards Castlebay and Heabhal from Beinn Tangabhal