Monday, 5 May 2014

Winter Hill – 03 May

Plenty to do today, busy day tomorrow and the catch up with ourselves on Monday before the dreaded “back to work” on Tuesday. That, at least, was the plan and with because of some uncertainty about when the rain would arrive I decided on an early run up Winter Hill. The “near freezing” temperature was a bit of a surprise and the sunshine, bright as it was, did little to warm up my little corner of the world. Bolton’s last home game of the season would take place later in the day and as I passed the stadium the radio and/or TV crews were starting to assemble their paraphernalia. The only people there who seemed really awake were the extra security guards who always seem to find time to be interested in anyone with a camera – this is all private land and they don’t have to have a reason to ask you to leave so being polite is the only option.

20140503-1-horwich-2-EditA corner of the Reebok stadium

20140503-2-horwich-3-EditSunshine on the hotel

These photos seemed to set the theme for the day and although the climb out of Horwich reveals the huge panorama of the Lancashire Plain the view was a little too hazy to photograph. The hazy views of Manchester were fascinating but beyond the capabilities of my camera – I know because I tried. The masts on top of Winter Hill were almost attractive in the low morning light.


20140503-3-horwich-12-EditLooking south

20140503-4-horwich-13-EditLooking north with an another runner in the distance

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