Sunday, 18 May 2014

Old County Tops fell race – 17 May

37 miles and 10,000 vertical feet, if you don’t go the wrong way, so says the race description but that doesn’t begin to describe the ecstasy or the agony of this classic fell race.


OCT-20The Winners crossing the line – John Morgan & Stephen Pyke (both Dark Peak Fell Runners)

OCT-32John Morgan & Stephen Pyke

OCT-33Second team – Dan Clark & Graham Lund (both of Bowland Fell Runners)

OCT-34Third Team – Ed Bailey (unattached) & Ian Symington (Calder Valley)

OCT-39First Ladies team – Catherine Evans & Jo Gillyon (if these are the wrong way round, please let me know)

OCT-23First team applauding the second team as they finish 30 seconds behind them – all the first three teams were together at the last checkpoint!

OCT-25Dan & Graham beginning to recover

OCT-29Ian & Ed recovering

My own day began well enough on a glorious morning that threatened to hot out of the wind and so it proved but a little more of that a little later.

OCT-2The moon above Windermere

OCT-10The sun arrives in Great Langdale

OCT-19Arthur’s legendary bike – almost as famous as his soup that helps everyone recover after the race

OCT-14Team 1

Four years ago on an even hotter day Albert’s migraine forced us to retire at Angle Tarn and this year, after going well enough to the top of Wyth Burn I found myself unable to drink enough and just getting slower and slower. The only sensible thing to do was retire at Angle Tarn. Oh well ,1-1.



OCT-43Josie having just crossed the finish line – one half of the second Mixed Team

OCT-44Second Mixed Team – Tony Marlow & Josie Greenhalgh (having recovered)

Huge thanks to Chris Lloyd and everyone else for the Old County Tops 2014


  1. Great photos as always Ian.

    Photo4 the little one is Ian Symington (Calder Valley), the big un is Ed Bailey (Unattached). Due to our size differential we were mistaken for 1st mixed pair on the run in!

    1. Thanks for the info - captions updated now :)