Monday, 5 May 2014

Around Aspull – 03 May

Part of the “plenty to do today” was to get our off-road bikes “on the road”, as it were. I hesitate to refer to them as “Mountain Bikes” because they don’t get that near any mountains although we have used them on long approaches to Munros. It is almost 4 years, to the day, since we were out on them them needed little more than a drop of oil and a bit of air in the tyres. Parts of my anatomy need a good deal more preparation than the bikes did and I fear insufficient time remains for “acclimatisation” before a trip at the end of the month involving some cycling.

The local farmland contains a network of tracks and paths that are great for running and cycling although some are better for one (running) rather than the other. Pauline thought she knew a new way on to the old railway line embankment and she did but we were pushing our bikes with yards of leaving the road – out of practise in getting into a low enough gear, early enough!

Just around the corner where we started pushing we stumbled across an old tractor which like all old machinery was worth a closer look.





Ah well, had to do a bit of cycling after this and jolly pleasant it was but I not saying how far we went other than it wasn’t far. Need to do a bit more, or a lot more, of this in the next few weeks.

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