Monday, 7 April 2014

Not what was planned – 05 April

Usually we know what we going to be doing and where we going to go each weekend and often well in advance but not this weekend. Pauline’s plans we unaffected but mine were unravelling before I finished work on Friday although I didn’t know at the time. The toothache was just a gentle background pain that, unusually, painkillers weren’t making any impression on and it hadn’t gone away by the time I went to bed. A few hours later the dull ache was raging and further sleep was out of the question. Instead of on Winter Hill, my  morning was spent at the emergency dentist in Bolton and the remainder of the day at home with a ‘frozen face’.

This is how Winter Hill looked this weekend last year -

20130406-winterhill (19 of 35)-Edit1Winter Hill (April 2013)

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