Sunday, 16 March 2014

Haworth Hobble – 15 March

After the soaring highs of the High Peak Marathon the Haworth Hobble involved plumbing new depths. The more Hobbles I do, the worse I seem to do them. This was my 8th (nothing compared to 1st V60, Tony Wimbush who left me for dead, and I nearly was, at Stoodley Pike as he went on to complete his 33rd Hobble) and this time I remembered to eat and drink enough, unlike some previous years.

I endeavoured to repeat my 2012 plan of heading off slowly into the headwind and then working through the field as the race went on. To an extent I did manage this – I headed off slowly into the headwind and started working my way through the field but without taking into account that Stoodely Pike, where I pretty much ran out of energy, isn’t the finish of the race. I summary, I had a pretty good 20 mile run and a really horrible 13 mile hobble back to Haworth. There is always next year ……


20140315-1-hobble-2-EditAlbert, Josie & Mike enjoying the aftermath

Huge thanks to Brett and everyone else involved in making the 2014 Haworth Hobble happen

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