Saturday, 8 March 2014

Fair Snape Fell – 08 March

With an armful of plans and a weather forecast that promised sunshine after midday we headed up over Parlick Fell for Fair Snape Fell and the first of the day’s Trig Point. Regrettably, the low clouds hung around to make navigation more of a challenge, too much of a challenge in fact. I tried to cut a corner going north and we soon found ourselves on very rough ground and, to all intents and purposes, lost. In zero visibility and a bitterly cold wind we decided to work our way back to Fair Snape Fell and come back on a clear day.

By the time we were about half way between Fair Snape Fell and Parlick Fell the sun put in an appearance and the clouds started to lift which tempted us to turn round and have another go. In the event, beyond Fair Snape the going gets rougher and slower. With some reluctance we were forced to conclude that more time than we had would be needed to get to Hazelhurst Fell and back. So we ended up with Parlick x 2, Fair Snape x 4 and a highly enjoyable outing.


20140308-2-FairSnapeFell-4-EditFair Snape Fell in the morning’s low cloud

20140308-3-FairSnapeFell-7-EditFair Snape Fell later in the day

20140308-1-FairSnapeFell-6-EditCoffee in the summit shelter

20140308-4-FairSnapeFell-9-EditFair Snape Fell

20140308-5-FairSnapeFell-12-EditFair Snape Fell from Parlick Fell

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