Saturday, 1 February 2014

Winter Hill – 01 February

A cold, sunny, icy morning at first light and almost certainly the best part of the day because high winds with rain/sleet/snow are expected after midday. I wanted some of the morning’s sunshine for to practice some new tricks with a camera so I set out early for Winter Hill.

What a contrast with previous weeks – bright sunshine that was almost warm enough to melt the frost and ice but  not quite. Glorious nevertheless despite the sub zero temperatures, regrettably the forecast was correct and the heavy clouds, strong winds and rain weren’t far away. Normal service resumed!

20140201-1-horwich-102A welcome sight appearing above the clouds

20140201-2-horwich-103Chorley Old Road

20140201-3-horwich-107Georges Lane

20140201-4-horwich-110Where’s my breakfast?

20140201-5-horwich-112Sunshine reaches the mast road 


20140201-6-horwich-115Enjoying the sunshine on the moor

20140201-7-horwich-120Frosty mast road

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