Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The New Chew fell race – 23 February

I should have read my blog from last year where I observed that this type of event is a bit more than my navigation skills are up to but I didn’t and unlike last year my route planning wasn’t too bad, I avoided any serious overshoots (something I rarely avoid in the early stages) and found all the controls I went looking for. I am sure you have sensed the “but” already and, sure enough, there is one. A “hang head in shame” school boy error of not reading the rules – I don’t have an excuse but I didn’t look at the top half of the map because I went south rather than north. Neither did I look anywhere else where I would have learned or been reminded that the “Long Score” is a four and a half event rather than the four hour one I thought it was. There is always next year when I might remember to read the rules.

20140223-newchew-14-Edit5Tony and Josie testing the breeze

20140223-newchew-2-Edit1Morning brew

20140223-newchew-5-Edit2Kit Check

20140223-newchew-6-Edit3Reading the rules (note to self [do this next time])

20140223-newchew-7-Edit4More rule reading

20140223-newchew-16-Edit6Bright and breezy outside


Thanks to Saddleworth Runners for another brilliant New Chew. Great organisation, support, food and marshals – this really is a superb low key and testing event. Thanks also to Manhar for coming over and saying “hello” – hope you had a good one and don’t mind the photo.

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