Monday, 13 January 2014

Glasgow – 12 January

Today was my Dad’s 88th Birthday and we travelled north on Saturday to celebrate with him. I managed a very early run up and down Winter Hill in the dark and in time for the 07:00 shower of cold rain on the summit. Cold and wet all the way home without a single worthwhile photo to show for it. Usually I have another pre-breakfast run out over the moorland roads on Sunday morning. The last time I did so in sub-zero temperatures I tripped and fell, landing on the camera in my bumbag, and the camera didn’t survive, sadly. Sometime on Saturday evening I realised it would be about 12 miles from Dad’s flat to the centre of the city and back which is about the same distance as I would aim for over the moor roads. I ran into the city centre before first light then had a run through the Central Station as it was wakening up and finally ran back to the flat under a glorious sunrise.


20140112-glasgow-2092Looking west towards the Central Station from Victoria Bridge

20140112-glasgow-2081Looking west towards the Central Station from Victoria Bridge (II)

20140112-glasgow-211-Edit3St Enoch Square with some of last night’s debris

20140112-glasgow-2134Glasgow Central Station

20140112-glasgow-2165Platforms 10 & 11

20140112-glasgow-2206Gordon Street entrance

20140112-glasgow-2227Gordon Street entrance (II)

20140112-glasgow-2278Look east into the first of the daylight

20140112-glasgow-2329The “Shepherd’s Warning” in all its glory

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