Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Rucksack Club Kinder Trial – 25 January

On a day more or less blessed with good weather, at least, until early afternoon when things “took a turn for the worse” Andy Howie’s 2014 Kinder Trial had a straightforward beginning and ending (always excepting there are more ways in and out of Hayfield than I have had hot dinners) with a very entertaining middle section. The route choices in the middle were many and varied and rather like a right back playing against a tricky left winger I ended up with “twisted blood”. I was out just long enough to see the lightening, hear the thunder and step inside the Scout Hut as the hail stones arrived – I would like to claim my timing was deliberate but I would be lying.

This is a thoroughly good race and a terrific day out, one I absolutely recommend although had the clouds been low yesterday I might just have struggled, a bit (a big bit). Anyway, there weren’t and I didn’t.

Thanks Andy and everyone else who helped make it happen Smile


20140125-1-kindertrial-103The Shooting Castle

20140125-2-kindertrial-106Kinder Reservoir


20140125-3-kindertrial-107Kinder Downfall

20140125-4-kindertrial-108Part finished mill wheels (if you look closely)

20140125-5-kindertrial-110Looking towards Edale (I think, so please let me know if it is somewhere else)

20140125-6-kindertrial-111Looking towards Edale Cross (I think, so please let me know if it is somewhere else)

20140125-7-kindertrial-200Looking towards south (I think, so please let me know if it is somewhere else)

20140125-8-kindertrial-201Looking towards south west (I think, so please let me know if it is somewhere else)

20140125-9-kindertrial-20-EditGeoff, just finished

20140125-10-kindertrial-24Post mortem (1) 


20140125-11-kindertrial-30-EditPost mortem (2)

20140125-13-kindertrial-34Post mortem (3) 


20140125-12-kindertrial-33-EditFell racing is OK but …………………………….

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Meg’s Miles – 18 January



Reduced to a selfie near the Mast Building where because of the uncharacteristic south easterly wind there was no shelter from either the wind or the rain, ah well.

These 13 or so miles are dedicated to the memory of Meg Cross Menzies who, I learned on Facebook, was “tragically killed by a drunk driver while out for her morning run on January 13, 2014. As an avid runner, member of the Richmond Road Runners Club, and Boston marathoner, she was a member of the running family nationwide. In her honor, our hope is to raise awareness of drunk driving, texting and driving, and overall safety of runners and cyclists everywhere.
This Saturday, January 18, 2014, no matter what your distance, no matter where you live, run for Meg. Take in the fresh air, be aware of your surroundings, keep your headphones on low, feel the heaviness in your lungs, the soreness in your legs, and be grateful for it--for all of it. The sweat, the pain, the wind, the cold…everything. Be grateful for that moment.
Feel free to post pictures of yourself pre-run or post-run, post your distance, post your thoughts, prayers, condolences with the hashtag #megsmiles. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Let all runners unite together and remember the loss of a beautiful spirit. It's not a coincidence the hashtag reads either "Meg's Miles" or "Meg Smiles." She will be smiling on all of us forevermore.”

You can log your own miles here with this link:

Monday, 13 January 2014

Glasgow – 12 January

Today was my Dad’s 88th Birthday and we travelled north on Saturday to celebrate with him. I managed a very early run up and down Winter Hill in the dark and in time for the 07:00 shower of cold rain on the summit. Cold and wet all the way home without a single worthwhile photo to show for it. Usually I have another pre-breakfast run out over the moorland roads on Sunday morning. The last time I did so in sub-zero temperatures I tripped and fell, landing on the camera in my bumbag, and the camera didn’t survive, sadly. Sometime on Saturday evening I realised it would be about 12 miles from Dad’s flat to the centre of the city and back which is about the same distance as I would aim for over the moor roads. I ran into the city centre before first light then had a run through the Central Station as it was wakening up and finally ran back to the flat under a glorious sunrise.


20140112-glasgow-2092Looking west towards the Central Station from Victoria Bridge

20140112-glasgow-2081Looking west towards the Central Station from Victoria Bridge (II)

20140112-glasgow-211-Edit3St Enoch Square with some of last night’s debris

20140112-glasgow-2134Glasgow Central Station

20140112-glasgow-2165Platforms 10 & 11

20140112-glasgow-2206Gordon Street entrance

20140112-glasgow-2227Gordon Street entrance (II)

20140112-glasgow-2278Look east into the first of the daylight

20140112-glasgow-2329The “Shepherd’s Warning” in all its glory

Monday, 6 January 2014

Sunrise – 05 January

One of the benefits of not completing The Double on Friday/Saturday was that, by Sunday morning, I had caught up on a bit of sleep and was ready for a run. The forecast for most of the day was poor and all wanted to do was run enough to loosen my legs. Out before first light and I was able to run home into a wonderful sunrise, by far the best part of the day.



The Double – 03 January

The Marsden-Edale meet is always the first Rucksack Club Meet of the year and a small group set off from Edale the night before to walk to the start in time for breakfast and the walk back. 15 of us set of this year but one struggled with the pace over Kinder and was escorted down to ensure he would be safe. By the far side of Bleaklow I was suffering with an upset stomach and by Black Hill had decided against the return leg. I am now pretty sure drinking too much, too cold water was the cause and it isn’t the first time this has happened to me on The Double. The last time I struggled back to Edale, this time have done it before and being unable to eat I knew there was so sense in attempting it.


20120107-double-5051“Lunch” between Bleaklow and Black Hill on a happier Double