Sunday, 29 December 2013

Winter Hill – 28 December

Out before daylight in the hope of getting done before any rain but that didn’t work – much like my recent experiment with my iPhone. But first the weather – oh so promising on the way up. A glorious sunrise developing away to the south west.





While all this colour was developing over my right shoulder away to the north west something really nasty was brewing. By the time it arrived on the top of Winter, at about the same time I did, it couldn’t decide whether sleet was enough or not. It must have decided it wasn’t because it then tried a bit of snow before finally settling on some really quite painful hailstones. These were a bit uncomfortable until I turned to run into the wind when it became something like a proper winter storm. After it passed through the sunrise continued much as before.

The last few weeks I have tried to use an iPhone instead of a ‘proper’ camera but the results have been a bit disappointing so much so that I won’t be trying again.





Should obviously have gone out later but at least my last run up Winter Hill in 2013 was memorable.

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