Sunday, 22 December 2013

Winter Hill – 21 December

In between the showers for a short run up from Walker Fold. Longer, muddier and probably wetter run planned for Sunday so this was one to enjoy.

20131221-1-bolton-10-EditFrom Walker Fold

20131221-1-winterhill-11Even small pylons exert an attraction

20131221-2-winterhill-18One of the many walls

20131221-3-winterhill-20One of the many trees but this one stands alone unlike most

20131221-4-winterhill-24Last flight of stairs to the Trig Point

20131221-5-winterhill-27Wouldn’t be Winter Hill without these

20131221-6-winterhill-33These must need big spanners

20131221-8-winterhill-56Done into the woods and the sun comes out!

20131221-9-winterhill-58The “so slippery when wet” bridge

20131221-10-winterhill-63Final Finger-Post

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