Saturday, 7 December 2013

Winter Hill – 07 December

Out too early and caught in the last of last night’s showers as they finally blow through. The clouds lay low on Winter Hill’s summit and a good bit below until I was dropping back into Horwich when, in the far distance, the sun began to pick out details of buildings and hills. Sadly my phone just wasn’t up to the job.


20131207-1-winterhill-42Reflection – I always want this reflection to be better than it is, perhaps one day.

20131207-2-winterhill-54It was that sort of day

20131207-3-winterhill-60What fun – wonder how much they charge?

20131207-4-winterhill-67No better in this direction either

20131207-5-winterhill-69One of the many …

20131207-6-winterhill-70Improving weather – perhaps Pauline will be enjoying it


20131207-7-winterhill-81Poor chap!

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