Saturday, 30 November 2013

Winter Hill – 30 November

Not quite as spectacular as last week, not quite as early as last week but with my cold & sore throat gone I was running this week and again enjoying the winter sunshine, along with plenty of other folk.


20131130-1-winterhill-2Trees between the quarries above Horwich

20131130-2-winterhill-5Looking towards Bolton & Manchester

20131130-3-winterhill-7Road out to the Trespass Stone on Coal Pit Lane

20131130-4-winterhill-15Shaly Dingle (in the shade)

20131130-5-winterhill-17Busy sky

20131130-6-winterhill-18Stone with carved dates (1801, 1912, 1922, 2011) – I wonder what they signify

20131130-7-winterhill-25Going to Great Hill (I know because they asked where it was and how to get there)


Enjoying the sunshine on Noon Hill

20131130-9-winterhill-31Pigeon Tower

20131130-10-winterhill-40Two Lads was busy!

20131130-11-winterhill-42Having a coffee and enjoying the view towards Belmont

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