Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Valdemossa – 29 October

With storms forecast for the afternoon and evening we spent the day with Dad strolling through Valdemossa and around its harbour. After a late lunch further down the coast all that was left to do was drive back through the torrential rain and gale force winds! The forecast was spectacularly right.


20131029-Mallorca-339-Edit3Valdemossa Harbour

20131029-Mallorca-337-Edit2Valdemossa Harbour


20131029-Mallorca-345-Edit4Valdemossa Harbour


20131029-Mallorca-3311Valdemossa Harbour

20131029-Mallorca-3557Tile in wall by house front door

20131029-Mallorca-3578Tile in wall by house front door

20131029-Mallorca-3496Tile in wall by house front door

20131029-Mallorca-3475Tile in wall with house front door

20131029-Mallorca-364-Edit10Garden with fountain

20131029-Mallorca-375-Edit11Garden in Valdemossa

20131029-Mallorca-362-Edit9Garden in Valdemossa

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